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Corsair ICUE causes in-game stuttering. (Mouse polling rate)


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I'm using a Corsair Harpoon, AMD Ryzen 3950x, AMD 5700XT, and an ASUS Crosshair VIII X570 Mobo.


Here are some things that reduce stuttering (This is all with ICUE still running)


Disabling Discord overlay reduces the stuttering. Switching to a 500Hz polling rate regardless if the overlay is on or off gets rid of it. Closing Discord regardless of what the polling rate is set to gets rid of it. Maybe Discord can't keep up with a 1000Hz polling rate.


With Discord closed, on my second monitor, I usually have a twitch/youtube on pause. This still causes stuttering. Switching to an empty tab reduces the stuttering. Minimizing the browser gets rid of it. Moving the browser from my second monitor to my first gets rid of it.



Some more info, I cannot run Discord and ICUE at the same time because I will lag regardless if I do any of the "fixes" above :sigh!: It either one or the other.


I disabled hardware accel on Discord and it didn't change anything.


Whenever I move my mouse in-game my GPU downclocks to 700Mhz AND the utilization goes to 0%-20% from an avg of 70% lmao...


I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary with my CPU except that whenever I moved my mouse regardless if I'm inside the game, the Ryzen Master reports that my EDC jumps to 97% from an avg of 79% but that's normal though.


Here is my performance chart




The large "gaps" in the middle is when I start to move my mouse.

The medium clock speed is 1125Mhz and not 125Mhz.


CPU, VRAM, and RAM activity are normal. It's just the GPU, but again when I close ICUE it returns back to normal.

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