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Why not to buy Corsair keyboard, mouse or headset


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Hi all,


about a year ago I started to play FPS after being stopped for more then 10years.


After some investigation I found that Corsair HAARPOON mouse was a good price for a wireless mouse, and the size of it is just perfect for my hand and so I bought it. Latter on once I was very satisfice with my mouse I also bought a keyboard a good one... the Corsair STRAFE red switch. A nice mechanical keyboard. And then I also bought a Headset the HS70 Pro. I spend more then 280€ on this 3 devices


Well then when setting up the new headset, the first thing I noticed was that the version of firmware was v0.01, for me its already a bad indicator because I bought it to use and not to be a tester. The headset HS70 Pro is complete nonsense. First of all the sound volume is half of my other wired headset. After some time I found out how to mute and not ear myself, which is not trivial to found on the software. Configure the microphone sensivity is not possible, so ingame everyone will complain from all kind of noise around your city, veichles, door of your neighbor when arriving home, so is completly unusable, garbage for playing.


The keyboard, a Strafe... after some time getting killed by jumping like a retard, I found out that some keys are ghosted so when pressing once they are acting like if I pressed twice.


The mouse... same issue, after updating to last firmware ( like a normal user should do ), some times I press the left button and pumm double click.



Just want to add here, that testing process at Corsair is not working and for now I will not buy anything else from Corsair and also not advice anyone todo it.



I'm have no inters in wait months for RMAs and get the same result in the end, like I read in this forum from other users complains. What I really wanted is a complete refund for the money I spend in unusable material.

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  • Corsair Employees

Hello there,


I'm sincerely sorry about any negative experience you've had up to this point. I can assure you a new RMA will not take months to complete. Please open a new ticket and link this forum post to it, and we will ensure that you get taken care of. We again apologize for any unpleasantness you've had to endure, and want to make this right for you.

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