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My Virtuoso headset cant be received by my dongle


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my headset randomly dced today and usually a quick switch between usb to wireless or vice versa fixes it but now my headphone lights are permanently stuck red no matter what i do and the dongle light keeps flashing red or is stuck white when i try to pair with the head set. is there anyway i can turn the head set themselves off with out having to smash them ? or can i get a replacement or something? 200$ spent couple months ago on these just for the headset to be literally dead kind of sad
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Ok so i randomly fixed it while looking at random reddit post,

if your headset is stuck red and wont pair, try this.

-have your headset set in usb mode

-plug in ur mic to ur headset if it isnt already,

-connect the usb cord to head and to the computer

-connect ur audio jack that came with headset to your computer and your headset, (you should be able to hear audio at this point if you have any sound running)

-have dongle connected to your computer


-(from this point i tried the following steps with usb mode and again with wireless mode switches)


-hold the mute button on the mic for like 30secs

-while holding on the mute button after 30sec, unplug your dongle

-from this point my headset went off and cameback on back to normal after i turned wireless on


if the above stuff doesnt work, honestly, just plug and unplug stuff back in while holding the mute button on your headset cause thats really what i did. these instructions is just me trying to remember and recreate the random steps i did before fixing

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