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Commander Pro Failures


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I hope I'm in the right place, and I have opened a support ticket.

I ordered two Commander Pro's from Amazon and both failed last night on install, blue smoke and all. They are set to go back to Amazon as defective, but I would like to figure out what happened.

First one I hooked up power, usb, and 6 ML120 pro fans. There were no extensions or splitters used, it was direct connect to the device.I powered up the PC, and immediately got blue smoke and a lot of it. I powered the PC down, disconnected everything, the device was hot to the touch, and hooked the second one up. This time only USB and power, and I taped over the pins just in case. I powered up the PC, opened iCue, it didn't see the device, and about that time I noticed the smoke. I powered down and disconnected everything, the device was warm to the touch.

This is the same power rail that is powering my water pump and was powering my BluRay drive, drive is currently disconnected. So I know the power is good.

The USB only goes in one way, so it's not that.


I would really like to get these working, there is no reason my fans need to run full blast all the time.

Does anyone have any idea what happened?


Edit: I think faster than I type and was missing words.

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