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Coming from Logitech Orion Spark to a K95 Platinum XT and now using the iCue software (to gain the ability to change any key and get away from keys that double typed), I have a few questions/suggestions, I’m sure some have been asked before, probably all of them. But when I searched a few I couldn’t see any resolutions so hope it would mean my voice would be an extra request for improvements.

1) Persistent default profile – when setting up some keys, I’d like them to stay at all times no matter the profile swap, is that possible? I searched and saw other people asking the same but didn't see any answers. Hoped maybe they were just old and there is a way now.

2) Similar to the above but persistent macro keys only with an open program and then deactivate it on closure

3) Media keys, is it possible to physically swap these around, I would prefer to swap the position of play/pause and stop, (and of course also remap them as persistent)

4) Is it possible to include a media key (such as play/pause) in a macro, it doesn’t record during macro creation

5) Is there a way to record a macro on the fly? (if necessary could cheat on this with the persistent profiles and have a macro record program open then alt-tab back to the place I’m doing the on the fly before recording begins – though better if I could just have a button to do it) I saw while hunting on the forums that someone had it happen by accident when assigning a key to scroll lock, but didn’t define what key it was. I now use scroll lock to open the program, but still. I want to reduce the buttons and time required to do something. Logitech has had an on the fly macro record button for years... Hard to swap here and lose it!

6) When creating a new macro, is it possible to pick the button that it will assign to at the start

7) When setting an on-key colour on then key again to colour off, if I change profile then return, it requires pressing the key again to activate, is there a way to have it resume being on until key off? (I note that macro’s keep running so hoped to have the colour keep running too)

8) Is there a way to stop all running macro’s immediately, besides closing the program.

9) Macro key modifiers – something from World of Warcraft and other games, would be nice if I could hold shift or alt or ctrl and then press a macro key to get it to run a different macro (like using a different profile I suppose)

10) When changing from the program I’m in to the icue software to record a macro, it will often change back to my default profile, is there a way to lock what profile I’m working on?

11) Also just having an issue where my text buttons aren’t working, I setup comments on my id3 tags in itunes to have smart playlists based on them, but it wouldn’t insert the text (had 5 of them working last week, just stopped this morning, tried closing and opening the software and overwriting the hardware profile, but didn’t work. worked around by re-record them as a macro but still..

12) Is there a way to write a macro in textpad or something then paste it in?

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Hey, I don't want to hi-jack your thread, or kill it with negativity, but installing an ICUE update has crashed my ICUE again today. I see that nobody has replied to your post in a month. My advice is "Don't make the switch". Return it if you can. The amount of questions you have suggest that you could easily get up 30 to 50 actions.


You will not be able to do some of the things you could do on other software ever.

Bugs are pervasive and extensive, and are still introduced without warning with new updates, and they will wipe you out. Where would you start asking for support when this happens?


The Actions Library has been busted for over a year I think? - busted with a previous update. Ya, if you leave actions in the library they will be randomly assigned to keys on your keyboard. I downloaded the latest update thinking Corsair would fix that. Did you know this? Is there any warning for you as a new purchaser of this equipment that this is the case? The Action Library is a big button on ICUE. What's that for? - The answer is don't use it, it's currently screwed.


9) I could answer number 9 for you with a "workaround" that I learned from this forum a couple years ago, that involved switching profiles. Switching profiles now takes a visible amount of time on my system however, where it might not on your "fresh" system, which makes this method useless.


1) I don't think so. It would be cool if I could learn an answer for this in the forum. Remember also that the Actions Library is either screwed or has been screwed in the past. If you want an action in 3 profiles, you have to copy it to the 3 profiles. If you change the action or improve it, you have to copy it back and delete the other copies and reassign them.


8) Does closing the program stop a running macro? Are you sure? How are you closing the program? Pressing the "X" button? Macros actually run pretty quickly. The actions they have executed are not stopped by closing the program. Buttons will be left in the pressed position.


6) "Hard to swap here and lose it". Ya it's lost. Corsair has not improved "Actions" or Actions editing since the introduction of ICUE. They have been focused on component lighting, cooling, and system monitoring. In the last year or so they have been introducing computer components and hardware. I imagine Corsair's ICUE programmers are in the basement, and the Actions programmers of ICUE are in the closet of the basement. You're appealing to the workers in the closet of the basement.

They are not actively involved in this forum, except to police it. (You mentioned the "L--h" word. Prepare to be shot.)


Indeed they have only introduced bugs. Could you imagine trying to get support on any of this when it goes to hell; it will, and unfortunately it may likely be because of nothing you did.

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Nothing wrong with hi-jacking an empty thread lol. I recently had to install my old logitech keyboard because my corsair one broke (since replaced at the store and a new purchase date set in case this one breaks too) and logitech have also updated their software so it's a lot slower and messier than it used to be!


Yeah, it's funny how that happens with software, here's a useful thing, but they did it first so we can't do it..


Yeah i haven't used the actions library yet as I don't have anything that is the same on other profiles, though if i use your workaround for 9) i suppose it would be useful on the profile switches for the commands that don't change. I'll have to try it out :) Especially to see if the profile switch has a delay


Yeah for 1) I saw other people looking for this too but no answers on it, is a pretty basic thing to want to set a keybind across all profiles! Makes me wonder what the programmers making icue use it for that they don't want it..


for 8) i have an ctrl-tab on keydown macro that keeps my computer active every 25 seconds on loop. I've found that they do stop immediately now when i let go of the button, when i had it on toggle it would sometimes keep running, seemed random though i haven't tested it again for a while now.


6) another thing that seems straightforward to me, it's got a workaround, so guess we're forced to workaround it rather than have something more user friendly.. maybe i can build a macro that lets me build a macro in an easier way... maybe that's what they want so they can get us to program their system when we share our tricks with others..

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