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FN Button on icue actions


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I am new in using icue software and I am using it for my keyboard K68.

Here is my problem.

Keyboard arrived yesterday. When icue was not installed, the keyboard worked with a set of profiles that I could switch using FN button + numbers from 1 to 9.. so FN + 1 was profile "rainbow" and so on..exactly as written on keyoboard docs.

I understood that once icue is installed, the keyboard leaves that "demo mode" and the profile must be handled by icue.

First question is if there's a link where to get those profiles?


But anyway this is not a problem: watching some Corsair tutorial on youtube, I set some test profiles.

What I cannot get, is to create actions using FN button.. I would like to create an action for switching profiles like in "demo mode" (pressing FN+1 for profile 1 and so on), but I can't understand how to do it: when I select the profiles action, it seems that I have to choose a button by the program interface for binding the action, but only one button; it seems it's not possible to insert a combination of key. So I cannot use FN + 1, ecc.

I tried to register also a macro, but pressing FN button, event is not recognized by the macro recording.


I cannot understand what I am missing.. I searched a lot on web but no luck.


can anyone please give me some hints?




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