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Scimitar RBG Elite MMO Buttons Randomly Stop Working


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Hello, my Corsair Scimitar RBG Elite MMO buttons randomly stop working. I have them set to use the same buttons as my numbpad 1-9. I use the default profile only. Also all my devices are up to date as well as ICUE. I even forced updates and reinstalled ICUE.


While playing games random buttons that worked a second ago stop working. For example I will be playing WoW and use 1, 2, 3, then go back and the 2 key randomly stop working when I just clicked it seconds prior.


I have used Corsair Mice for years and thought my old Scimitar Pro was just worn out and the brand new out of the box Scimitar Elite (rated for more clicks) is randomly not working.


If I delete the macro and recreate it the problem is fixed, but I shouldn't have to minimize my game delete and recreate a macro just to use a brand new product.

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