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[Bug Report] iCUE High CPU usage and workaround


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Hey guys,

so i don't really know where i should report Bugs so I try my luck here.


My iCUE (Version 3.34.170) has high CPU usage in the background. It stays at constant 7% usage. I only have H150i Pro, Asus Motherboard and Asus GPU: VGA1 as devices shown in the software:



I can fix the high CPU usage by opening Aura from Asus and applying RGB. After that iCUE CPU usage goes down to 0.5-0% usage in the background.

I also have DRAM RGB option under Asus Aura software. I use G.SKill Trident Z RGB:



Maybe that can help other peoples with high CPU usage and the Software Team for iCUE who investigate currently high CPU usage as shown in the 3.34.170 Patchnotes: Resolved an issue causing extra CPU resource load - this is an issue that we will continue to improve as we audit the software to find the root cause(s) of unnecessary CPU load

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enabling plugins does raise CPU usage a fair bit.

I believe you should see the same drop by disabling plugins on iCUE which will turn off Asus support.


This thing too needs to be adressed.. when i tried it, it was an instant +5% hit on the CPU, just for a static color on the motherblard headers.

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