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RGB Problem


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Hey guys!


I am a long time Corsair user and I have a problem with my corsair keyboards that I want to share. A week ago I got the forth replacement unit from my reseller (over 11 months), all the previous keyboards had issues with the RGB lighting (every time, there was an RGB issue with one button and then over time, this spread through the entire board ending up with 10 or more buttons with faded or out of tone RGB).

Every single time I try soft and hard reset but nothing change.

So, after a week with the new keyboard, the tone of V just started to fade away again. I am really frustrated, and I wonder if I am doing something wrong or missing something.


Is this a wide spread/known issue? Any tips or tricks to fix this?

I've done everything that corsair support has advised me to do to all of my keyboard but nothing works.


Edit #1:

All the keyboard were K70 MK.2 cherry mx red

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My reseller is a local store here in Athens (GR). It's not a big brand so I am not sure if I should name it here. I can PM you the store thought if you want.

Many friends of mine have bought other Corsair keyboards (other models like K65 and K68) from there as well and none of them had issues like me (notice: my keyboard was the most expensive from all of them).

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