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Corsair iCUE 4000x only 1 case fan spinning


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I've recently upgraded my PC and I am new to the whole RGB and fan controller thing. I built it yesterday and I've just found today that only 1 out of the 3 case fans that came with the case is spinning.


All of the LEDs on each fan are working but only the top one is spinning. I've connected the fan header to the motherboard, the USB header to the motherboard, the SATA power cable to the PSU, and made sure that all three fans were connected to the fan controller. I didn't mess around with the fan controller, to begin with as it seemed like everything was already connected, I just made sure that they actually were.


My motherboard is MSI Mag x570 Tomahawk WIFI


Is this normal and is there a way for me to check if they are in fact working?

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that fan cable you connected to the motherboard fan header, is it going to a splitter to power all 3 fans? or did you plug.. just one fan?




My case came with one of these fan controller? things on the back of the case. The 3 fans are connected to this and there was only 1 4 pin header that came from this which I plugged into the motherboard. I'm assuming this plugs all 3 in since they're all plugged into 1 hub.

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Nevermind! I've fixed it. My stupid *** thought the RGB hub thing is some sort of fan controller and thought all the fans were plugged into there and all I needed to do was plug the hub into the motherboard.


The other 2 fan headers were hidden amongst the other cables that were already tied up to the case to begin with. I've plugged the other 2 fans in now and they're all working and spinning.


Thanks for waking my *** up guys. I hope this helps someone who come across this stupid mistake.


Good day.

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