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iCue Video Lighting kills FPS in some games?


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I've just finished installing the LS100 starter kit on my Asus monitor. Bit fiddly to get everything mounted but I'm quite happy with how it turned out.


Anyways, I jumped into Horizon: Zero Dawn with the video lighting effect turned on (which is the reason I bought the LS100 in the first place). I usually get between 80-100FPS in that game at 1440p, with everything set to Ultra on my RTX 3070. However, when playing with video lighting enabled, my FPS hovers around 60-70 instead. I know, still technically playable, but my monitor is 165Hz so the drop is very noticeable.


If I alt tab out and switch to a different lighting mode (e.g static), my FPS goes back to normal.


I've tried out a couple of other games, such as The Outer Worlds and NieR: Automata, but they don't seem to be having the same obvious performance issues as Horizon.


I don't seem to be having the same CPU usage issues that others are experiencing - iCue sits around 1-2% of use on my i7-10700K. G-Sync appears to be working normally too.


This is quite disappointing as video lighting really is a nice effect to have and is the main reason I got the LS100. Hoping someone knows a way to work around this?

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Yeah, been benchmarking with my 3090 ROG Strix, and it's well over 20k with ambient lighting off, and 17840 with it on! So it's a pretty big drain...


Interestingly, my monitor is an LG monitor which has ambient lighting via LG Ultra gear, and doesn't have the same issue.


Are Corsair aware of this!?

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