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Launch action from profile switch


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I have a simple situation; Profile A has a timer, when the timer runs out it calls a profile switch, which switches to Profile B. What I want is to automatically run an action in Profile B as soon as I switch to it. Is this possible and how?


In case there are any other ways, I want to make a timer that you can not reset, but when the timer goes off and starts playing music/alarm sounds, I STILL don't want you to be able to restart it, only when the alarm sound is complete. Since the sounds are played AFTER the timer, I can't do that normally, so I though of making a second alarm profile with a second alarm timer that starts playing the sounds and goes back to the default profile when it finishes. Now I have a main timer which cant be reset during the countdown, and when it goes off it calls the alarm timer which also cant be reset. I have to make them in different profiles so that the main timer couldn't be triggered again while the alarm is going off.


Thanks for your time !

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