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Why are you using failing Omron switches?


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This has to stop. I owned 2 mice from a different brand. Both of them had double-clicking issues. Had both of them replaced, and both replacements had the same issue. I decided to switch brand to Corsair.


Now I have a Harpoon, and this mouse has the same issue. After investigating, it apparently is because all these mice use Omron switches that are basically faulty from production.


So why is Corsair intentionally selling faulty products and fooling people all over the world? This has to stop! Stop buying cheap Chinese crap that doesn't work!


I will certainly refund this mouse and avoid buying anything with these switches in the future. I just wonder how many people buy these faulty products without returning them.


Shame on you Corsair!

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  • Corsair Employees

Mortac, I can understand your frustration with experiencing issues, and with repeated mice from different manufacturers including CORSAIR. To your point, we do not intentionally sell products with faulty components, or try to intentionally deceive customers. Switches can fail, which is why all of our mice are backed by a 2-year warranty, and we can have it replaced for you.


We are aware that some users are experiencing double-clicking and have provided a fix in a recent firmware update. Make sure that you have performed the update, and if you continue to have issues, you can submit a ticket through our support site and we can have it replaced.



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