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XD5 Pump and Waterblock lighting


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So, I'm having a bit of an issue.


My pump is lighting up as designed, and I'm using the Pump daisy chain to light up my CPU block, The only thing is the CPU block's lighting has from what I can tell possibly isn't working, or it could be the XD5 daisy chain isn't working anymore. I've removed and re-added them together and the pump always lights up.


How could I test the wires on the pump vs the wires on the CPU block to determine which one it is... I don't want to RMA them both, and I certainly don't want to wait around for weeks.

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So It looks like the pump RGB splitter is dead.


If I plug the CPU block directly into the commander pro or lighting node pro. Lights right up. If I plug it into my lighting node pro same story, if I plug the XD pump rez combo into either the commander or lighting node pro. Neither will acknowledge the block after telling it I have 1 pump/rez and 1 block.


*NOT* A happy corsair user at this point. Looks like I have to spend money on corsair clear coolant, and drain my entire loop just to fix this.


Can someone at Corsair Just send me the top plastic piece that contains the RGP splitter so I can just replace the top instead of draining the loop going through an RMA and sitting around waiting for weeks?


Or do we know if this is a known software bug that was introduced?

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