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Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE not charging/incorrect indicator


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Hello there. So I have had this headset for about two months, great headset but I’ve been having problems for about a week now.


I don’t know what caused this issue, but my headset no matter how long it has been charging (I have used a wall outlet, a portable charger, and via computer USB) when I unplug the headset I hear “Battery critical.” It also displays a blinking red next to the USB charging port whether it is charging or not. Currently I have the headset plugged into a wall outlet with the button in the middle to ensure it is off.


My only option for work-related calls and video gaming is to walk around with the headset plugged into a portable charger which can be very inconvenient.


I am currently running on Dongle Firmware v 0.16.80, firmware v 0.17.149 and ICUE software version 3.34.170


To be clear, the ICUE device settings tells me the headset is charging when I am charging it.


Additionally, I am now not hearing any audio output from the voice prompts (Charging battery, battery critical, etc). I also went into a voice communication software where I was unable to hear people joining/leaving channels (the headset is not picking up my audio output either).


Any help would be appreciated


Edit: audio drivers crashed, headset audio works it’s just the battery issue.

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Audio works
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