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The H100x Fans work Fast and Noisy in idle?


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I Have a problem and need Help Please

My new Son Computer has Corsair Hydro Series H100x


The Problem is the 2 Fans are Always Work So Fast even in idle mode or if just watching YouTube? its so Noisy

How to make them in Auto mode? so in idle they work slow and calm

and in heavy 3D games it work fast


P.s: I went to iCUE software and I can Not see settings for the Hydro Series H100x Fans in performance section?




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The Motherboard is MSI MPG X570 GAMING PLUS Motherboard AMD AM4

I download a Software for it Called Dragon Center

and it show me That the Fans was in 4100RPM So Fast. Then I select "Quit" and the all Fans went Calm But this software always freeze. Does it need a Bios update?

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You will need an MSI owner to give more information about Dragon Center. There should be BIOS controls as well for each MB header.


The 4100 is not fan speed. That is the raw tachometer reading from the pump. The actual value is 1/2 the MB reported speed. The fans are on different headers.

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Yes the pump ran around 4000 rpm and it's powered by sata.

The stock fans are max ~ 1700 rpm.


I know that noise is subject, the fans are quiet around ~1000 rpm - 1200 rpm.


Print with pump speed:



Print with the stock fans speed test made by Asus board:



I would recommend to hook the fans into cpu fan header.

The pump header can be hooked into the Pump header.


This is the default fan curve for the cpu fan header for MSI:


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