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Possible bad module

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One of two memory modules I have will not POST in a Brand new ASUS A8V-X Motherboard.

Identical Model Corsair Module, POSTs fine.

Module has been tried in all DIMM slots both with the other module and independently.

No matter what the condition, no POST with that module.


Model number is CMX512-3200C2


Any help would be appreciated.

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It would be unlikely you got 2 failing modules from us, as all of our XMS modules are tested in a MB before they leave our factory. Can you test the modules in another system?



There is only one bad stick the other works fine.


Tried RAM independently in a known working MSI K8M Neo-V motherboard. Same symptoms. RAM will not POST when in this motherboard either. Beep code given in both motherboards with RAM present.

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