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Corsair 650W - RM650 Fully modular PSU clicking


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Dear community,


recently I have bought a new PC configuration and I have a question regarding my Corsair 650W RM650 Fully modular PSU.


I've noticed that this PSU makes a click once the PC turns ON/OFF or resume/goes to standby. I presumed and confirmed online that this behavior is by default.

Most of our power supply units (PSUs) have an inrush current bypass relay that makes a *click* noise when the PC turns on and off. This is considered normal and not a defect.


What I have also noticed is that it also makes after 5-10 minutes after I start to play a game. Is that also normal? What is happening inside the PSU at this point?


EDIT: I apologize for posting in the wrong forum section. Can someone please move this topic? Thanks!




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