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New HX1200 won’t cold boot?


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I have a brand new hx1200 installed. Now the PC won't turn on on the first boot but will keep clicking and trying to boot and will eventually start after 15-60 minutes.


I stripped the system to RAM and SSD and it’s the same effect.


Didn’t have any issues with old PSU (EVGA G2 650w gold).


Is there something I have to do with the PSU that’s not obvious? I am worried it will fry the PC at this point.


I wrote to Corsair support bu they asked me to do the paperclip test which isn’t really the point as I know PSU can function at some point after a number of restarts. The problem is in cold/hard boot after maybe 30 minutes after shutdown.


I saw other ppl here having similar problems but didn’t see the singular solution

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