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Link 4 not showing Cooler


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Windows 10 Pro 19042.610 Fresh install


Corsair Link 4 v4.7.0.77 (tried latest but still having issue)


Cooler is an H80i (v2 I believe)


Under Link4, no devices are shown. Under device manager I get an Unknown USB Device error code 43. Try different usb cables, one directly to the mobo usb header, and another that connects to a known working 2.0 port on the back of the mobo itself.


Manually tried updating the driver to the H80, but then it proceeds to give me error 10.


Is it possible the Cooler itself has died? I know its older, but just want to see if its a software error before I go replace it with a newer one. Fans seem to be working fine, and the light on the head still works. Under bios I have it set to not monitor CPU fan and also disabled Q-fan.


Any help would be greatly appreciated

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