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Node Pro Not Showing in iCUE


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I had the Carbide OMEGA case that came with its own Node Pro. It didn't satisfy me in terms airflow, so I just moved by build to a Phantex P600. I moved the Node Pro that came with my Corsair case over to the new build. This Node Pro specifically says "Spec Omega" on it, unlike Nodes that would come with a fan kit. As of right now, iCue is detecting everything except the Node Pro from my Carbide OMEGA. Here's my RGB ecosystem:


  • I took the 2x HD120 fans that came with the Carbide OMEGA case and replaced the stock (non RGB) fans on my H100i AIO cooler.
  • Those fans are plugged into their own Corsair RGB Hub (only using 2 of 6 channels)
  • Corsair RGB Hub is plugged into channel 1 of the Node Pro
  • 4x RGB strips plugged into channel 2 of the Node Pro
  • I have 3x QL fans (2x140mm, 1x 120mm) plugged into their own Lighting Node Core, using 3 of 6 channels. I understand different types of fans can't be in the same Lighting Node Core, hence the transfer of my Node Pro.


My QL fans are ID'd no problem. The Node Pro with my AIO fans and RGB strips are not detected. They do light up and spin, but I'm not able to control them through iCUE. Any idea what I'm missing? Could it be specific firmware with the OMEGA Node that doesn't let it be used out of the Carbide OMEGA case?

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It should appear in iCUE as the Spec Omega case.


I was hoping it would show up, as I recall it displaying Spec Omega in iCUE before I moved my build to a different case. Would moving this LNP to my new (non iCUE) case be the reason it's not showing anymore? Can you ID any issues in my current RGB ecosystem?


I'm also wondering if moving the 2x HD120 fans into my H100i RGB PRO XT cooler could be causing an issue?

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