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Connect 7QL 120 FANS


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The 7s and 8s are a tough number for RGB. The official max capacity on each lighting device controller is 6 fans. There are 3rd party "splitters" that will let two fans share the same port, but understand that will duplicate that ports signal to each fan -- not add another in series. I think 7 is the max you can get away with on current levels with QL.


Aside from that, you need another lighting controller. That could be another Core from the QL multi-packs or if you have a RGB Lighting Hub from something else you can use that to power them for the Commander Pro. You would need to break the 7 fans into 2 groups with some on each controller, in some logical arrangement for the case. Each group would act and program as an independent group. They do not directly sync to each other.



Fan speed control is more straightforward. The 7 QL PWM wires can go to the Commander's 6 ports. You will need 1 PWM splitter (4+3 pins) and those two fans will share a control signal. That is usually not a problem and most people don't need independent fan control for every fan in the case.

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