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iCUE v3.34.170 - Corsair K100 - Control Wheel Actions Playback bug


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Hi folks,


So I received my Corsair K100 today, and so far I've been playing around with some of the options available to me in the iCUE software. However, I think I've come across a bug.


The iCUE software will not allow me to set a hardware action to the right or left rotation of the Control Wheel, and when I press the + icon to add a new wheel action, it only adds Actions Playback, and none of these can be deleted as the delete button inside iCUE is greyed out, preventing me from doing so.




The image above outlines what I'm referring to. Each click of the + button to add a new function to the control wheel simply adds another Actions Playback which cannot be deleted.


Thanks for any feedback or solutions.

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