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iCue, UPlay and the BSOD Report


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Posting this here instead of the patch notes tab.


Anyone else having Blue Screens? I think there is an issue with UPlay and iCUE, when launching any Uplay game for the first time I would get blue screens of death with error code Kernal_Security_Check_Failure. after multiple reboots i decided to start unplugging USB devices before launching, the first one i unplugged was the headset, launched the game and it worked no problem at all. Plugged the headset back in and it seems to be fine now. Just reporting it because that shouldn't be happening.


After I unplugged the headset I got the little pop up that asked me to allow the games to access the network or whatever, this wasn't popping up when i had the headset plugged in, only when I unplugged it. After accepting the pop up, games launch no problem now with headset in.


Headset - Virtuoso RGB

Windows 10 fully updated

iCUE 3.34.170

Driver 0.17.149


Games that BSOD

Watchdogs 3

Rainbow Six Siege (Vulkan)

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