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iCue constantly losing connection to devices

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I have a ton of Corsair stuff, and iCue nearly constantly loses connection with my scimitar elite RGB, my K95 platinum xt keyboard, my rgb mousepad, and even my h115i capellix elite aio cooler. I RMA'd the mouse recently due to double-click problems, and it's done this with a couple of different k95 keyboards, AND across two different windows builds with completely different hardware (including different motherboards and cpu's.


This seems to indicate that it has to be a problem with iCue itself. It used to mostly happen once a day or so with my keyboard, but now I can't seem to go an hour without losing contact with multiple devices. Any help would be appreciated.

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hehehe now im here. Got the same problem with the iCue Service loosing connection ...

Dont know where the problems comes from. Maybe Windows breaks anything...


I figure out, when i restart the iCUE Service over the iCUE Software it will work for about 2-10 minutes, then i hear the sound of Windows like any device lost connection (like unplug your USB-Drive) and my H115i gives back stock speed... (stock speed i mean factory setting. i make my own curve for cooling, just stock still to loud)

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