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iCue Application Resolution issue?


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Hello all!


I am having an issue with the iCUE Software where whenever I open it, it opens up but with a really zoomed in resolution. It's super weird and I don't understand why It does this. I will provide you a screenshot of my main monitor the application is completely blown up so much so that it spills onto my other two screens (I have a 4 screen setup). If it helps my monitor setup is like so, Left side monitor (1080p) Center primary monitor (1440p) Right side monitor (1080p), and to the far right of that is my 4k TV also connected to my GPU. All the resolutions are set up properly in the NVIDIA control panel. See the images below for clarification.


The first image is how it looks at this very moment on my main 1440p monitor. I am only able to see the whole application when I drag it to my 4K tv.


The second image is when I right-click on the app when I bring up the hidden icons.



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