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RTX3080 WaterBlocks now show on store - MSI Ventus and Asus Strix


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So it seems that these finally show on the Corsair site:




One thing that's annoying me is that I bought my 3080 considering this compatibility with Corsair blocks. After having everything setup, found out that the 3080 Ventus 3X 10G is probably the only 3080 that doesn't allow for even 1% power limit extension. Only option here seems to under volt and hope for luck on the silicon lottery.

Ofcourse thats on me for not doing my proper research! :)


One thing I noticed is that it seems that the fans power draw counts towards the reported power limit, so the faster the fans get the less headroom for voltage to increase there is. Hopefully, after installing the water block, the voltage will be able to ramp higher, along with the clocks, before hitting the 320W power limit.


Have a nice day guys and keep safe!


Best Regards,


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I have the same card, and even at completely stock settings it is still a beast of a board, so I am sure you will end up happy with it regardless:)


We are working hard on getting these blocks out to people, so hopefully you will soon be able to get some water on that card.

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Hey HP,


Sure it's fast and all, and the diference from this 750€ to a near 1000€ (non-scalpped) card isn't really worth it, but I've always like to tinker a bit (sometimes with no real world results), so a bit of headroom would have given me a few hours of fun. Guess I'll try my luck with overclocking while undervolting.


Since you replied and seem to work for Corsair (is it?), I found the aspect of the Ventus a bit... plain, in terms of size and what's shown in the clear part. Comparing it to the Strix one, and even the older 20 series blocks, I kind of expected a bit more, like a bigger window and channel complexity, you know, eye candy... :)

I understand that this won't relate directly to performance, but still I'm left with a bit of a "meh".


For the MSI 3080/3090 Ventus



For the Asus 3080/3090 Strix



For the reference 2080ti



To be honest the best looking for me is the 2080ti, with or without the flow show wheel.


Even on the physically smaller FE 3080 you managed to make it look more appealing



So, is this the final aspect of the MSI 3080/3090 ventus block?




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Quick question for the Corsair guys about the Ventus block. From the picture it looks like the waterblock only cools the GPU die, and none of the other hot components like the mosfets/power delivery. Essentially "the stuff to the right" of the gpu core lol. Is this true?


Not at all, when making these blocks we make sure that all required parts will be cooled, including the parts you mention above. The parts cooling those components are just hidden under the shroud.

So rest assured, that all of our XG7 blocks are full coverage blocks, and not just cooling the die/ram.

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Instead of creating a new thread, I'll just post my thoughts here, as this is somewhat relevant. I registered for the forum just so I can voice my frustration with Corsair's decision in regards to not making a water block for the Asus RTX 3080 TUF.


As many of us, I like to give my money to Corsair. With that being said, I was looking forward to creating my custom loop. I have an Asus MB and wanted to get an Asus RTX 3080. I decided on getting the TUF as opposed to the Strix since I don't really need the Strix, plus once you water cool, the stock cooler will go in the trash anyways, so why waste the Strix. So now, I have two options:


1. Get the Strix, waste $200, and trash a high quality air cooler (I know that card offers more then just the cooler over the TUF, but again, I don't need the "extras" that come with the card)




2. Get the FE, which I guess is fine, but I really hate the power connector on it.


Although this may be a first world problem, I think, it is slightly backwards to support a card that is excellent as is, make the customer waste money, that could otherwise be spent on a water block, and not support a card that could possibly benefit even more from water cooling (not saying that the Strix will not), and a card that a lot of people will own.


I am not sure what direction I am going in, yet. I do like Corsair products, and I really want to keep the water cooling kit I got for my build, but I know that if I end up keeping the kit, I will definitely not look at my PC the same way. First the Nvidia GPU, then the AMD CPU release fiascoes, and now this. One disappointment, after another.



...and finally, good job on adding the 3rd screw in the middle ;):

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Are there any thoughts or plans that there will also be a block for the MSI 3080 Gaming X Trio?


They said on another thread that they had no intentions of supporting the Trio X. Which makes ZERO sense. They support the ventus, that you can't even overclock and cools just fine as is, but don't support the card that would need it and you can overclock (even if not by much). It's like Flowmaster mufflers only offering performance exhaust systems for the 6 cyl. versions of cars and not the 8 cyl. Haha! I've been a loyal Corsair customer for a while, but this decision has really made me think.


Here's the comment: https://forum.corsair.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1063119&postcount=3

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