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Hello, I've had my K55 for nearly 3 years now, cleaned it every few months and generally have had a great experience with it.


Yesterday iCUE prompted a firmware update (30.8) and since that update the keyboard has been nearly unusable.


As of now a multitude of keys are either unresponsive or acting as multiple keys (e.g pressing the number 4 key with result with "54" been typed simultaneously, ctrl acts as a brightness control key for the keyboard lighting, tilde and 1 will when individually pressed both input `1 together as one input)

I don't have much money to spend on another keyboard of similear value however I'm running my very old el cheapo keyboard backup.


- I have:

Replugged and held FN+F4 for 10 seconds then did an iCUE update


- Deleted the corsair composite driver in Device Manager, replugged the keyboard whilst holding Page Up + Page Down to fully reset the firmware and update it through iCUE (When replugging the keyboard with said keys held, the 4 indication lights in the top right corner will flash together in sync and all backround key lights are off.)


- Plugging the keyboard into a USB Type 2 port then updating firmware, vice versa with USB Type 3


When updating the firmware the update percentage would sit at 100%, I let it sit for atleast an hour for each method yet it has not finished and I'm unsure of what to do about it.

My iCUE version is 3.34.170

I've found no alternatives to fixing this, help is greately appreciated.

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