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500D + iCUE H150i Elite Capellix Fan Config Question


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I'm about to build out a new computer using the Obsidian 500D RGB SE case and the H150i Elite Capellix CPU cooler.


I was considering using the ML120 fans from the H150i with the LL120 fans from the case together in a push (LL in front) + pull (ML in back) config on the cooler block. I was also then thinking to get 2 LL140 fans to use on the top of the case, and another LL120 for the rear of the case.


Looking at diagrams and info in the FAQs here, I know the case comes with the Commander Pro and an RGB Fan LED Hub, and the H150i Capellix comes with a Commander Core.


So included part summary would then be:

1x Commander Pro

1x Commander Core

1x RGB Fan LED Hub

4x LL120

2x LL140

3x ML120


(I see the dual packs of LL140's come with a Lighting Node Pro, but I'm not certain that would be needed with the commanders...?)


Judging by other diagrams I've seen, I think I could then connect things as:

3x ML120 + 3x LL120 to Commander Core (and the AIO connected here also)

2x LL140 + 1x LL120 to RGB Fan LED Hub to Commander Pro


Would this work correctly like that, or would I need any additional hubs of any sort?



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I am using


3 ML Pro RGB (from the elite 360 AIO)

3 QL

4 LL


1 Commander Pro

1 Commander Core (from the elite 360 AIO)



Commander Pro - 4 LL Fans + 3 QL Fans (2 of the LL fans using Y Splitter to single port on coPro)

Commander Core - 3 ML Fans


1st RGB LED HUB - 4 LL Fans.

2nd RGB LED HUB - 3 QL Fans


1st RGB LED Hub connect to commander pro via led channel 1 (4 LL fans)

2nd RGB LED Hub connect to commander pro via led channel 2 (3 QL fans)


For your case, I don't think you can mix ML and LL fans on the commander core for the LED (accepts both led cables and fan cables) but I maybe wrong.

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Thanks for the reply.


I haven't used Corsair's iCUE software or hubs before, so I was assuming the fans for the CPU cooler would need to be on the same hub for fan speeds to be controlled properly. I did also just find a discussion somewhere mentioning no mixing between ML/LL/etc types.


Could I perhaps instead connect the ML fans to the Pro and all the LL fans to the Core, then indicate in the controlling software which fans to tie to the CPU/cooler temperature?

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Actually, I just saw this in the iCUE Elite Capellix FAQ thread:

3) You can put different fan types on the CoCo. However, the channel can only be configured for a single fan type. When in AutoDetect Mode, it will configure the channel for the type of fan with the greatest number of LEDs. For example, if you have a mix of ML, HD and LL on the channel, it will configure all of them as LL fans.


So it sounds like my original plan may actually work if I do need all cooler fans to be on the same hub...? Could always just go with some trial and error in the end, lol. :D

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I am not sure how that is going to work out.


but it is worth a try.


in the end I created 3 lighting channels. one for the elite AIO(all same type of fans + the pump), one for 4 LL fans and lastly the 3 QL fans


because each fan type has different amount of Leds and may have different lightning effects, for example, QL fans have more effects than LL fans. they may not run properly when running different types of fans on single led channel but I maybe wrong.


before I upgraded to the new o11 dynamic xl case and H150I elite Capellix, I had 500D RGB SE, and H150i pro. and I ran everything though commander pro.


in the 500d RGB SE, I had 3 ML, and 6 LL Fans.


just remember each fan has a led cable and a fan cable.


Good luck to you and enjoy your new build

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Just wanted to come back and provide a quick update now that I have my computer built...


My original plan worked perfectly!

I have the 3x ML120 and 3x LL120 for my H150i's radiator connected to my Commander Core, and the 2x LL140 and 1x LL120 for the case connected to the Commander Pro (via the RGB Fan LED Hub). Everything shows up and works correctly in iCUE. :)

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