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Corsair SF600 in an Apple PowerMac G4

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I know what you're thinking: "Wow - that sounds amazing! - A PowerMac G4 modded with a Gigabyte Z490m Gaming X motherboard, a 10th Gen Intel core i5 10500 processor, and a UHD-BluRay burner?!"


Well... it would be cool except for one thing: the processor fan sits about two inches away from the power supply. I'm avoiding carving out a huge hole in the base of my case to accommodate a radiator and fans for a liquid-cooled system.


So, to use air cooling in that tiny space, I need my power supply to vent the air outside of the case... or move the power supply somewhere random within my case, and use the original power-supply space for an extra 90 mm fan or something.


I did a ton of research and asked around the Net. People suggested that a non-overclocked 10th Gen i5 processor would be fine to vent through a Power supply. People were suggesting Corsair for my needs. So, I got the Corsair SF600. It looked perfect on the Amazon.com page.


The SF600 has a fan facing the inside of the case that can vent out the back, and has high-quality capacitors, etc. It's so tiny. When it arrived, I swooped it up in my arms and gazed at it. It's the most expensive power supply I've ever owned.


I gently set it down and unpacked it. It was so tiny! "Wait - where's the SFX-to-ATX bracket?" I looked all through the box - but no bracket.


I thought, "I'll make my own bracket out of my old power supply!" 30 minutes of dremmeling and drilling later, and *poof!* I had a bracket that would fit the orientation of my case - plug at the bottom and fan facing into the case. "Bwahaha! Who needed that old Thermaltake Smart 700W wuss power supply anyways?!" My SF600 was so little and cute!


I began plugging in the cables: first the 24-pin... and I instantly realized that the cords were all too short. And I already have a 12-inch 4-pin extension and a 12-inch 24-pin extension attached to my motherboard. I have like a 1-foot gap!!!! My excitement drained clear into the mildly depressed zone.


So - I already put a scratch in my brand-new Corsair power supply. If I turn around and resell it, I'm out like $40. If I keep it, I need to find much longer cables.


And my wife is mad that I spent $145 when I already just bought an $80 Thermaltake power supply (but it didn't have a fan facing inwards...).


Is there any chance of trading my short Corsair cords for Corsair long ones? I compared the pin setup with another modular power supply I had, but they don't appear to be the same.

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