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iCue only Detects Ram. Missing 9 Fans, cooler, commander pro and 2x lighting cores


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hi everyone,


As the title states iCue is not detecting any of the other corsair products installed recently in my case. I was able to briefly have them show up on my prior builds iCue version but upon updating to the most recent nothing is showing up.


Currently have the cooler hooked up into the USB on the Mobo, and then into a lighting node, then the other 6 fans into another node, both connected into a commander pro's USB slots and 6 fans into the commander.


Any suggestions? I am able to see the cooler, the two lighting nodes and commander under "Devices" in the control panel.


Everything is also getting power, temps are great, I just cannot control RGB or anything via the icue software


Any help would be appreciated!


Edit. Using 9 QL fans (swapped the MLs off the cooler) and the cooler is H150i pro, icue version 3.34.170 and attached logs. Uninstalled/CCleaned - reinstalled and same outcome.


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