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K55 RGB Not Staying Lit After Windows Lock


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Hi there -- sorry in advance if this is a stupid question and I'm overlooking the obvious! I've had a K55 RGB for about 6 months and it always stayed lit up when Windows 10 was locked, defaulting to the rainbow lighting until it was unlocked again.


About a week ago, this just suddenly stopped without any rhyme or reason as far as I can tell. The keyboard still is powered as the number lock is still lit up, but the RGB no longer remains active until the computer us unlocked again.


Is there a setting or something I may have disabled without realizing it or is there a new Windows update that may be causing this? Been racking my brain trying to figure this one out. Any help is much appreciated!

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Hey Shanedlm,


K55 actually does have some built-in hardware lighting modes you can cycle through -- try pressing FN+1 - 7 and testing the results while booting / iCUE is disabled.

This youtube video (not directly associated with Corsair that I am aware of) has a great rundown of these modes:



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