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Will it be a problem to change fans on a water cooler


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Hi everyone!


I am looking for a Corsair iCUE H150i ELITE CAPELLIX but it seems to be forever out of stock :(


So i am looking for a NZXT KRAKEN X73 and a Corsair ML120 Pro RGB 120mm 3 pack


Can i just put the ML120 fans on the X73 instead of the stock fans?

And what about the RPM speed? The stock can run Speed: 500-2,000 + 300 RPM and the ML120 can only run 1600 rpm, what effect will this have on the cooling ?

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You can run any other PWM fans on the X73's controller. On a 360mm radiator, it makes little difference if the fans are 1600 or 2000 rpm. You have no need to be that high unless you are running some type of 300W TR load for hours on end.


However, be aware the ML120-RGB that has been around a few years is 4 LED fan with comparatively basic RGB presets and abilities. The ML-Elite fan that comes on the new Capellix Elite coolers is an 8 LED fan that is has more presets than all other fans except QL and also has a higher 2400 rpm max limit, if you are still convinced you need it.


I would probably wait, mostly for the fans alone. Corsair has not announced any plans to sell those ML-Elites as a retail product, so this is the only way to get them as of now.

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