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Mouse Buttons Not Detected - Scimitar Pro RGB


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I recently transitioned from a Apple laptop to a Windows PC and I'm having an issue with the mouse buttons not being detected or accessible for key binds within Discord or World of Warcraft.


My Apple laptop was able to recognize the mouse buttons within both Discord and World of Warcraft WITHOUT going into the iCue software and having to bind / map these keys. They were automatically detected as "Mouse Button 8" and "Mouse Button 16" etc.. within both Discord and WoW.


I've updated the firmware on the mouse, re-installed iCue multiple times, and still my Windows PC is unable to detect the mouse buttons within any application. I'd really like to avoid having to bind these keys to anything but what their default mouse button bindings should be.


Please let me know if there is a simple fix to this issue otherwise I'm returning this mouse and opting for something much simpler.



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Hi Tayhoot,


Sorry to hear you're encountering an issue with key detection. It may be worth attempting to reset your mouse. To reset a Scimitar Pro RGB:


  1. Unplug the mouse.
  2. With the mouse unplugged, hold down the left and right mouse buttons.
  3. While holding down the mouse buttons, plug the mouse back into the computer.
  4. Wait for the mouse’s LEDs to begin flashing, then release the buttons.
  5. Unplug the mouse.
  6. Plug the mouse back into the computer.


If the issue still persists, I recommend getting in touch with our support team by opening a ticket at https://help.corsair.com and they'll be able to help you out.

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