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Gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming 3 and Corsair Commander Pro


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I am completely new to Corsairs rgb system and all the stuff I could do with it. I bought some Corsair Vengeance RGB RAM and I really like all the effects you can do with iCUE and so I decided to buy some Fans and a water cooling AiO from Corsair so my system can be completely controlled by iCUE.


As I am completely new I have no idea what I need to buy and how I need to plug everything together. I watched some videos and read some threads but I don't really get everything and can't reproduce it for my own use case.


I am using a Gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming 3 Mainboard. As a water cooling AiO I'd like to use a Corsair iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT but I would like to remove the fans and use Corsair LL120 RGB Fans instead. Additionally I'd like to use 3 additional LL120 RGB Fans for my case.


Now for my question: what would I need to buy and how would I plug it together so that everything works and I can controll the lightning and fan speed in iCUE? I know that for the fan speed I need a Commander Pro and that I possibly need a Lighnint Node PRO (which can be bought with 3 fans) too but do I need splitters or additional rgb hubs? Could somebody maybe paint me a plan of how I would need to plug everything together, that would be really appreciated!


Thanks in advance,


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So a total of 6 LL Fans?

You won't need a Lighting Node Pro; you'll be able to put them on a single channel using the RGB Fan LED Hub that comes with the multipacks of the LL fans. This will then connect to the Commander Pro. For fan speed control, connect the fans on the radiator to the controller that's built into the cooler. The case fans then go to the Commander Pro. The USB connection for the cooler can also be connected to the CoPro.

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