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Corsair NightSword RGB : very uncomfortable


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Hi Guys,

I bought a new Mouse! The Corsair NightShowrd.

I'm coming from a Trust GXT 162, cheap but very comfortable.

The Corsair for sure is superior (look, material quality, capabilities and software)

But it causes "pain" to my ring finger (at Interphalangeal joint) because the finger touches the hard part of the mouse structure.

Because the hard part is protruding (5/8mm) compared to the soft (sunken) zone where the fingertip lay.

I'm using a palm grip.

In order to not feel "pain" I have to use a sort claw grip placing the ring finger in arch position (in order to not touch the hard mouse part) : very uncomfortable.

Am I wrong to place my hand?


Anyone has the same feeling ?

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I used a nightsword for about 6 months before the rubber started disintegrating..

The thing is, it's a really beefy mouse, and the shape is not ergonomic at all to me at least. the mouse shape isn't really slanting to the right so it creates at best some strain to the palm and arm to keep the hand flat, or in your case, slight pain to the ring finger because it rests on that edge.

I had to do like you, use a claw grip to use it..

Regardless of brand, i wouldn't advise to try to force adapting to a peripheral if it doesn't suit you. It's quite the ordeal finding the right keyboard, and mouse, but worth it when you settle on a set where ergonomics are natural to you.

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kb & mouse are a money sink ^^' i have been my family and friend's peripheral's official dealer from how many i have bought to find the ones that would suit me the best..

Now with Amazon, yea, don't feel bad returning them to test. Cheaper to lose time chosing a mouse than curing carpal tunnel syndrome.

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