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Corsair Virtuoso Wireless RGB SE Sound Problem


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Hey all,


Recently ordered the corsair virtuosos because I was looking for a new good headset. They are amazing and work great, however I started noticing a problem that has been bugging me while I'm using them. There has been a small static in only the right ear that occasionally disappears and occasionally grows louder. I have noticed that it only occurs when the ICUE software is open and I have it set to wireless mode. It also appears that it may increase in intensity sometimes as I mute and unmute my mic.


Is there anything I can do to try to resolve this problem? I have tried uninstalling the headset and resetting the drivers as well as force updating it in ICUE. I could try returning them and getting a new pair however I'm assuming it is not a problem with the headset itself due to the problem being isolated to ICUE.




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