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LT100 Experience - Constructive feedback


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Hello Corsair Friends,


I looked for a way to send this to you directly but I do not see anywhere on your contacts page that allows for a direct e-mail for feedback. As such I'll post my feedback here.


I am a heavy Corsair user. I run the 1000D case with full Hydro X setup. I also sport various corsair keyboards and mice over the years, as well as a few headsets for the household. I am a bit of a fan (to say the least) and heavily invested in the Corsair ecosystem.


I just received a complete Corsair LT100 starter kit and two expansion towers from Amazon. The packages arrived in good shape with no noticeable damage on the boxes or products themselves.


Unfortunately this is the only positive note from this experience. Here are the details:


1. The Corsair LT100 Starter kit was defective out of the box. Only the primary light tower was detected by my PC and the second tower was completely unresponsive.


2. The first expansion kit I opened up did not have the correct "Y-Splitter" RGB cable, only a single RGB link cable. This rendered the expansion kit useless.


3. The second expansion kit DID come with the correct "Y-Splitter" RGB cable, but I found this cable to be faulty.


The behavior description: The second expansion tower did not respond correctly when connected to the Y-splitter RGB cable. When I manipulated the cable in my hands, the tower would flash erratically, suggesting a faulty connection/ground on the RGB cable itself.


At the cost of over $250.00, the quality of this kit was very poor. The experience was so disheartening that I have decided to return the entire setup via Amazon for full refund.


I hope this feedback serves to help address what is clearly a QA issue for this product line.


Thank you for your time and be safe!

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