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Ironclaw Wireless dongle does not work anymore


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4 months ago, I acquired an Ironclaw Wireless RGB mouse and it was working properly until last week when the dongle stopped working.


I opened a ticket at customer support 10 days ago with no answer so far.


I am kind of disappointed at corsair at 2 things:

Since I had many products of them, like the mouse pad 800, RGB K65 strafe, Corsair void Pro and the RGB vengeance memories, I never saw a product from corsair to last so little (4 months). By the way, the mouse is working fine it is just the dongle that does not work anymore, which I believe is dead since i don't see it in the device manager tab.



The second part of the disappointment is the absence of answer by corsair to respond my ticket. It has been 10 days with absolutely no answer. This is really frustrating for a company that I have in such high standards for the quality of their products and the charged price. The ticket number is #2003634710.


I would like an answer by corsair to my problem.

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Now I got pissed with Corsair tech support.



The first answer I got by email from corsair was a pretty basic tutorial teaching me how to pair my mouse with the dongle. Really? Do you guys from corsair think that I am that dumb or do not read the instruction manual that comes with the mouse and is available at the website? I believe I made myself pretty clear when I said the windows does not make the plug and play sound nor message appears on my screen. So why send me a tutorial that only work if your dongle is working properly and is recognized by the plug and play feature from Windows?


Honestly I am outraged how Tech support from Corsair is handling my problem. Treating me like I have never tried to do a basic pairing tutorial.


So I gotta ask a question. Are you guys gonna read what I've written in my first answer and try to think around my problem or will you give pre establoshed answers with no regards at all to what I have said?

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