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Next-Gen iCUE Testing (Closed Beta)

Corsair James

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Hi everyone,


As part of our objective to continuously improve iCUE, we are now ready to share our next phase of software development with everyone. iCUE 3.x has been around now for almost 3 years and we feel it is in need of a makeover to address all of your feedback (positive and negative). Therefore, to be open about the process and allow the community to engage with us together, we are going to start a closed beta. As a beta tester, you'll be able to try the new software before its official release and see the updates during its development. This will also give you an opportunity to provide your feedback directly to us through our email (icuefeedback@corsair.com).


In return for your sign-up through the survey I linked below, we will do random drawings for all completed submissions and award hardware as giveaways. Prizes will vary weekly but we'll give away peripherals and PC hardware as an assortment. This giveaway will last until we end the beta for iCUE next gen.


If you are interested in participating, please fill out the survey below and we'll be in touch when the software is ready for deployment.


Survey Link: https://q.surveypal.com/iCUE2-Signup




Question: How old must I be to participate?


Answer: Per our sweepstakes terms and conditions, you must be 18 years or older.


Question: Why do I need to provide so much information related to my PC hardware?


Answer: This will help us track which products are being tested so we can get as much variety in the beta testing as possible. The goal is to get as much hands on through all the different products so we can work on stability issues after products are implemented.


Question: What if I have more than one of the same product?


Answer: Choose any selection related to what you have - if selected, we will contact you for more information if necessary.


Question: How does the giveaway work?


Answer: Every completed submission will be automatically entered into our drawing and if you are selected as winner, we'll email you directly to get your personal information to send your prize. This is why your information must be accurate so we can reach out to you. Winners will then be removed from the pool while all other submissions will once again be in the drawing up until the beta test is over.


Question: Is this giveaway open worldwide?


Answer: Yes with some exceptions. Please see the terms and conditions here for our sweepstakes: Sweepstakes Rules


Question: How do I get the link to the beta?


Answer: We'll contact you in an email with an external link - for now, we'd like to screen through the submissions to find the best variety of hardware we'd like to test. As we ramp up the testing, we'll add more testers into the pool.


Question: Can I still provide feedback even if I am not a part of the closed beta?


Answer: Yes, send it to icuefeedback@corsair.com - we will read your feedback regardless. However, please note that we may be unable to reply directly to you depending on the number of submissions.


Question: What is iCUE Next Gen all about?


Answer: In short, it is an updated User Interface to help make iCUE an easier software to learn without taking away any features you currently are enjoying today. There will be some changes related to how today's products features will work in iCUE, but it will for the better (we hope).

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For our week 1 giveaway, here are the following winners:


Cornelius D. (Germany) – Won a Hydro Series Cooler

Nicolas M. (France) – Won a Audio Headset

Conner K. (US) – Won a RGB Keyboard

Artur C. (Netherlands) – Won a Hydro Series Cooler

Michael Y. (US) – Won a RGB Mouse

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