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Virtuoso RGB SE - USB mode plays audio from monitors instead of through headset


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Hi all,


As the title states, when I change my sound device from my monitor to headset, the audio does not play through the headset, only through the monitor when in USB mode. However, when using wireless mode, audio plays through the headset as expected.


Anyone else have this problem and/or know how to resolve it? Having both a wired (and better) audio experience and a wireless option as well was my main reason for purchasing this and well, half of the reason I did buy it doesn't even work properly.


Thanks in advance.



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You need to change the audio output setting in Windows to the Virtuoso USB device when you turn the headset from wireless to USB if you are keeping the wireless receiver plugged in to your computer.


I did this, the output device clearly shows the Virtuoso headset but the audio does not play through the headphones, it plays through the monitor speakers.

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