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Can't control case fan speeds - H150i Elite and three SP120s

Romeo Alpha

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Hello everyone,


I've installed an H150i Elite 360 along with three additional SP120 RGB Pro fans. The cooler and the three radiator fans are working perfectly fine. I have no issues controlling anything.


The problem is with the three SP120s. The RGB works fine but I'm unable to control the RPM at all. The are going full throttle all the time and are a bit loud. I'd really like to turn them down a bit. They show up just fine software but whenever I try to change the speed they just don't respond.


Everything is hooked up to the Command Core that came with the H150i. I've verified everything is plugged in.


Troubleshooting I've done so far:


1. Verified wiring and everything is plugged in.

2. Forced a firmware update in the iCue settings.

3. Tried custom curved and tried manipulating the fixed RPM and % for the SP120 fans.

4. Did a software repair.


I'm not really sure what else to do and I could really use some advise. I just want to turn down the RPM a bit! :-)


Thank you!



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The SP-Pro are 3 pin DC fans and unfortunately the Commander Core is a PWM only controller. It’s giving them the full 12v at all times. You’ll want to move the fan motor cable to the motherboard or other 3 pin DC capable controller.


That makes sense, thanks. So I should get LL series?

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All the other Corsair RGB fans except the SP-Pro (and original SP-RGB) are PWM. They will all work from the Commander Core. However, there is a consequence that goes along with this. Your new ML-Elite fans from the cooler are base 8 LEDs. So are the SP-Pro, so this is an easy match. Unfortunately, there are no other base 8 fans for retail sale at this point. The ML-Elite you already have and the SP-Elite (PWM and base 8) all would be perfect matches, but you can't buy them at this point. That leaves ML (4), HD (12), LL (16), and QL (16x2).


You physically can connect the LL to the Com Core and everything will light up and you will have control over speed. However, it will shift all fans to a base 16 programming. That will make the LL behave normally, but moving lighting effects will move at double time through 8 LED MLs. Per fan lighting for things like pong, gate, infinity, and those types of effects will be off. Normally I would be recommending QL over the LL since they are basically the same price, but the QL makes it even more complicated with duplicated 16 LED effects. I am not sure how that will play out mixed with 8 LED fans. There is a rumor this is going to be addressed in the future, but I don't think that is an imminent change. I am not sure what the best pairing is at this point.


You of course can buy a triple pack of LL, QL, whatever and use the included lighting controller for those fans only. That will make the ML-Elite and QL/LL act like separate groups, but they will also respect their fan LED count and programming. That may or may not be helpful depending on your case layout. Since you appear to be split between side and rear and not in a clear 3 fan group, perhaps it is not.

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Thanks for all the advice. I went to Best Buy and just got a pack of three LL fans. Just got them hooked up and now all works great. I don't do anything crazy LED wise so it seems ok for now (I pretty much just do static colors).


My system is super quiet now. I'm happy.

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