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Broken keycaps on K70 Lux Keyboard


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Hello. I registered to post that my K70 Lux RGB keyboard has 3 broken keycaps, and 4 more will break any day now, they have significant cracking in the underside plastic.


I work from home remotely and manage spreadsheets, so having these broken keycaps is going to be a major problem. I have not abused my keyboard, I treat it very well and clean it regularly. I purchased the keyboard on September 2017.


I know it's probably out of warranty, which is okay. My question is whether I can order and get expedited shipping for replacement "K", "Left arrow", and "L" keycaps. The broken left arrow keycap I can live with, but I absolutely need a new K and L. Alternatively a full keycap replacement set would be good.


Thank you.

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