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M55 RGB PRO - Fowardright and Backward right


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Hello Guys,

I just bought this mouse because I am lefthanded and I felt like a symmetrical build with two buttons on the right side would be perfect for me.

What I got is a little problem: FwRight and BwRight doesn't work at all.

I play League of Legends and they don't give signal, they don't bind.

I downloaded cue and on the action page, the two buttons are not clickable.

What do I do?

Probably its just me, I'm not very experienced with programmable mices.

Thanks to everyone will help me


(I attach a screen of my CUE)


I actived the "use both lateral buttons option" in settings, now in the actions the button is clickable, but still no use of the button in-game.


With lefthanded mode the buttons are detected in game, but little problem left and right click are inverted, I don't use it like that. There's a way to invert the left and right click without moving the fwright and bwright buttons?


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Clicking both the left side buttons simultaneously and holding for 10 seconds should switch the mouse to "Left handed mode" and make it default to those corresponding buttons on the right side(doing the same on the right side buttons will switch it back).


There is another iCUE related workaround as well, detailed somewhat in this thread:



Hope this helps.

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