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Crosair h100i pro vs H100i pro XT vs Platinum


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what is the difference between h100i pro vs and pro xt or even the h100i platinum considering the pumps the reliability and noise Im so confused. .


i know that h100i pro is asetek gen 6

h100i pro xt is coolit pump ? not sure.

platinum is coolit pump .


which pump is better! what to choose, looking for 240mm .


and what about the h100x ?

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H100i Pro - Asetek, 3 fixed pump speeds 1100/2160/2850. Only the Pro series has the ultra quiet 1100 rpm pump speed for quiet desktop work, however it is not what you want to use for sustained load. Specific to H100i Pro are 2400 rpm ML120 non-rgb fans. The Pro series has been very reliable with few longevity issues.


H100i Platinum - CoolIT, redesigned cold plate supposed to be worth a few degrees. Pump speeds 2000-2700. Individually selectable pump LEDs with an included lighting controller for its 2 included ML120-RGB fans. In short, this unit gives you a full RGB AIO with no other controllers or products needed. There is also a white version that comes with 2 high speed LL120 white fans. People complained the Pro wasn't "all RGB". This is the response to that.


H100i XT - Same as the Platinum in physical specifications, but drops the internal RGB controller and RGB fans. It's all black. People complained the Platinum had too much RGB and didn't want to pay for the extra RGB fans. This is the response to that.


And now the H100i Elite - CoolIT, very obvious redesign of the pump LED with some special features there. Comes with 2 ML-Elite 8 LED fans. See the product page. Lots of physical changes to the set-up and operation, but still essentially the same radiator/pump functionality from the Platinum/XT.


H100x - This is CoolIT, but was meant as a striped down version of the normal coolers. No software control. Fan speed control must come from the MB. No pump control. Lights up white only. Not available in all countries.




If you are looking for a quiet, reliable cooler, the H100i Pro is fairly well proven. It has the potential to be less noticeable than the others, both in terms of noise and lighting. Normally it would probably be available for a pretty good price, but world markets are still in flux. I see XT coolers selling for the same as the new Elite that comes with a lot of extra hardware. That shouldn't be the case. If you are looking for a full RGB cooler, the Elite is the place to start. If you feel like it's too much, then the Platinum/XT coolers might be a better choice depending on price.

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wow finally i got full comparison explanation that no one did after searching for days. you must stick this thread:)


thank you, so much.

i need it for a normal use, not a full load work just gaming and other stuff.

im not even oc.


i think im going for h100i with an option for fans rgb upgrade in future .


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