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iCue Showing 4 out of 10 Fans


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I just built my system and got it running.


I have 10 LL120 fans, 3 connected to the NZXT Kraken Z73 and the other 7 connected to the Commander Pro however only 4 show up in the Performance tab in iCue. I can adjust the color on all of them just fine but can't adjust the speeds on the others and at least 3 are running full speed driving me crazy. How can I fix this?


EDIT: Maybe I'm incorrect but just to be sure - I've got 6 of the fans on 2-way splitters and one by itself (On the Commander Pro). Does that mean all 7 are correctly showing but there's only 4 "fan" tabs as there's only 4 connections?


If so, my system was TONS quieter before I installed and ran iCue. I've got all the fan curves set on Quiet and they're running around 1480-1511 RPM.


System specs are in profile if needed.


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Yep, fans on splitters are seen as one. Fan#1 is the commander pro fan socket 1.. regardless of how many fans are connected to it.

Besides, it only reads the speed from one fan, since all fans in the splitter share the same PWM control.

so 3 on 2x splitters plus 1 standalone. everything is there.


Regarding noise, the default profiles are bonkers. you're better off creating your own fan curve to keep the speed in check.


Since the Kraken takes care of CPU temp, you can go to the performance tab in iCUE and click the little + to add a fan curve, then either set it to a fixed speed since these are only case fans, or make a custom curve maybe controlled by GPU temp to cool off more when gaming/working

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I've got all the fan curves set on Quiet and they're running around 1480-1511 RPM.


That's what it does to everyone. It's using CPU temp as a control and that just doesn't work for case fan control. There is no more calm idle CPU behavior. As mentioned above, you want off of this immediately. The thread below has some general suggestions.





One thing you could do with this is run one thermistor sensor from the Commander Pro to the exhaust side of your X73 radiator. Exhaust temp and coolant temp has a corresponding relationship. So while you can't use the liquid temp from the CAM software for fan control, you can basically make a parallel value with the exhaust temp. That would allow matching fan speeds. I think the other option (assuming this is an air cooled GPU) is to run a sensor to the rear exhaust fan. That value will be dominated by GPU waste heat. No GPU heat? No real need to crank up bottom, top, or the rear case fans. This is especially true if you set up the Kraken as intake on the side vertical panel. In that instance, whatever is coming in off the CPU radiator is mostly irrelevant to the rest of the case. You can use the bottom intake and top/rear exhaust to manage the GPU's effects.

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