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Best way to display commander pro temps?


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I have a custom watercooling loop, with a coolant temp sensor plugger into my commander pro. I also have a small monitor (480x1024) inside my case that I want to display my pc vitals on (gpu, cpu, fans, coolant).


Three problems:

1. Icue does not have a great way to display monitoring info that I can find. Text is very small. The "icue space" also only works on primary display. No such thing as "skins" for icue right??

2. Corsair doesn't play nice with 3rd party sw like hwinfo. My commander pro sensor data is "trapped" by icue and can't be used by other programs

3. My mobo doesn't have temp sensor header, couldn't find a cheap/elegant solution for getting this temperature sensor read by my pc without it buying a commander pro-esque controller from another vendor.


Any thoughts/ideas?

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