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Survey for corsair one consumers


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This is probably a very stupid post but I wanted to post it anyway.


I was looking at monitors and learned that Eve are making a monitor called Spectrum. The interesting part here is they have asked customers what they wanted and ended up with creating three monitors. You can check them out here: https://evedevices.com/pages/full-specs


So the idea behind this post is to ask if Corsair could consider asking their potential consumers what they want with the next corsair one.

I see on this forum that e.g. at corsair one i160 lacks USB c input which consumers wanted for e.g. VR headsets. I'm saying if Corsair made survey of what consumers want and maybe including a price range for certain components (e.g. cpu and gpu combo) it could also help consumers partake in economical decision.

I think this could help Corsair to make something that fits the bulk average of consumers, but also let the consumers themselves have a say on what to get. this could for instance let Corsair know that e.g. people were missing USB C so this could have been an included feature.


It looks like for Eve Spectrum that this type of research works as the consumers have voiced their opinion towards three different monitor specs with three different price range to suit their needs.


What do you guys think?

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Hi 1990.kenneth, we absolutely love hearing customer feedback and suggestions. While the forums is one avenue for it, we also collect feedback from other places our customers interact with us, such as product reviews, twitter, and reddit, just to name a few.
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