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Corsair AIOs not appearing in Commander Pro in iCue?


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If you are using a Corsair AIO water cooler along with the Commander Pro and the AIO is not appearing in iCue, I might have a fix for you.


The problem is most motherboards have only two USB connectors. The Commander Pro requires one connector and the front USB ports requires a USB connector. This means that there is no connector available for the AIO USB connector.


The Commander Pro fixes that by supplying you with two USB connectors. The problem is how you connect everything together. If you connect the Commander Pro and the front panel USB connectors to the motherboard and then connect the AIO pump to the Commander Pro's USB port, the AIO will NOT appear in iCue.


You must connect the Commander Pro and the AIO pump USB to the motherboard's connector. Then you connect the front panel USB connector to the Commander Pro's USB port.


Hope this helps you out.

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This is incorrect. The whole point of the commander pro is so that you can attach other devices to it like other corsair products.


I have a commander pro, and a H150i RGB Pro XT, and it's connected directly to my commander pro. In fact, I have a powered USB splitter for my motherboard header because even with the commander pro I needed more USB headers.


If for some reason your Corsair AIO is not working through your commander pro then I think there is an issue with your commander pro.

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