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ICUE, Commander Pro 6xLL fans led problems


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Hello all.


I have a problem with commander pro and 6 fans:

Channel 1 of commander:

port 1: LL120

port 2: LL120

port 3: LL140

port 4: LL140

port 5: LL120

port 6: LL120


Today, i don't know if after windows 10 update (version 2004, build 19041.572) or other, i can't controll all led fans.

Commander pro only make light for number 1,2 and 3 fan and the 4 fan only half... (number 5 and 6 no light) sometime i see only 1,2 and 3 fans...

I tried to change fans port and all fans work!

I reinstalled icue. I have make a hard reset to commander pro (reset button + sata cable unplugged plugged) but i continue have this problem.


How i can fix it?


thanks :)

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The lighting along the fans is serial. This means either a defect in fan #4 or a problem in hub port #4 could be causing the issue. Make sure all the fans work in port 1. If so, they the issue is probably at the port #4. You can further confirm this by swapping fans 4 <-> 6, if the lighting still stops at #4.


It is possible to have both a bad fan and bad hub port, especially if some kind of electrical event happened on the hub. Either way, you will need Corsair support to send you a new fan or new hub. I would start the Support Ticket now. There is a link in the header at the top of this page.

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Thanks for te answare.

I have tried all fans in port 3 and all fan work prefectly. What i don't understand is why some time fan 4 "work" with half led and some time don't work...


I think i have another hub, i can try to change it and look if the hub is the problem...

Thanks again

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i started the computer, all fans on rgb mode (why i don't know...). I set all fan white (worked). After some minutes i changed again to rainbow and tree fan stay on white.


I think it is a software problem.... but what i can do?

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